Welcome to the IDV Website!

About IDV:

IDV - Interactive Derivation Viewer. Code written in java. More info to come later. Stay tune! We are currently working on an svg output of IDV and also a derivation verifier as part of the IDV applet. Follows this paper.

Here is a link to our paper: PDF.
Here is a link to our video: MOV. It is 200 megs in size. Please be patient. Right click to download it. As of 5:12pm PST June 17th, the video is still uploading. Estimate time of complete: 1:38:00 (7pm PST)

Conference Publications:

Trac S., Puzis Y., Sutcliffe G., (2006), An Interactive Derivation Viewer, Autexier S., Benzmüller C., Proceedings of the 7th Workshop on Workshop on User Interfaces for Theorem Provers, 3rd International Joint Conference on Automated Reasoning (Seattle, USA), Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science, To appear. (PDF)


Lead developer: Steven Trac
Project supervisor: Dr. Geoff Sutcliffe
Graph drawing advisor: Dr. Christian Duncan
Help and ideas from: Yury Puzis

IDV Links:


Code coming very soon! (Written in java)


Any suggestions for IDV, please send an email to Thanks!