Hello! Thanks for visiting my website. My name is Steven Trac. I was enrolled as a graduate research assistant in the Department of Computer Science at the Unversity of Miami (FL), and I recently graduated in December 2008. My advisor was Dr. Victor Milenkovic. My main research qis in Computational Geometry and Automated Reasoning Tools. I'm also in the ART research group at the Department of Computer Science under Dr. Geoff Sutcliffe. One of the past topics I have been very fascinated with is scalar vector graphics (SVG), so I'm learning everything I can about it here.

Previous Courses:

(Fall 2006 - Fall 2008):

  • IDS730 - Doctoral Dissertation, Arranged

(Spring 2007):

  • IDS730 - Interdisciplinary Studies, Arranged
  • MAE513 - Kinematics for Robotics, MW 6:25-7-40P

(Fall 2006):

  • IDS730 - Interdisciplinary Studies
  • MTH686 - Scientific Computing

(Spring 2006):

  • IDS730 - Interdisciplinary Studies
  • MTH670 - Topology, my notes

(Fall 2005):

PhD Dissertation:

Title: Robust Explicit Construction of Configuration Spaces Using Automated Reasoning

Dissertation in pdf: dissertation.

Master Thesis:

Title: Robust Toplogically Invariant Set Operations on 2D Semi-Algebraic Sets.

Here is a link to my master thesis, in pdf: thesis.

Here are the slides to my thesis presentation: slides.

Current Research Projects:

Conference and Journals I'm involved with:

Conference and Journal Publications:

Journal Publications

V. Milenkovic and E. Sacks and S. Trac (2008), “Approximate Euclidean transformations and set operations on planar semi-algebraic regions,” Submitted to International Journal of Computational Geometry and Applications.

J. Urban, G. Sutcliffe, S. Trac, Y. Puzis (2008), "Combining Mizar and TPTP Semantic Presentation and Verification Tools," Studies in Logic, Grammar and Rhetoric, Special Issue on Computer Reconstruction of the Body of Mathematics, To appear. (PDF)

Refereed Conference Publications

G. Sutcliffe, A. Yerikalapudi, S. Trac (2009), "Multiple Answer Extraction for Question Answering with Automated Theorem Proving Systems," Accepted to Proceedings of the 19th International FLAIRS Conference. (PDF)

E. Denney, S. Trac (2008), "A Software Safety Certification Tool for Automatically Generated Guidance, Navigation and Control Code," Proceedings of the IEEE Aerospace Conference, Big Sky, MT, Mar. 1-8, 2008. (PDF)

Refereed Workshop Publications

A. Pease, G. Sutcliffe, N. Siegel, S. Trac (2008), "The Annual SUMO Reasoning Prizes at CASC," Schmidt R., Konev B., Schulz S., Proceedings of the IJCAR 2008 Workshop on Practical Aspects of Automated Reasoning (Sydney, Australia), 66-70. (PDF)

S. Trac, G. Sutcliffe, A. Pease (2008), "Integration of the TPTPWorld into SigmaKEE," Schmidt R., Konev B., Schulz S., Proceedings of the IJCAR 2008 Workshop on Practical Aspects of Automated Reasoning (Sydney, Australia), 103-114. (PDF)

J. Urban, S. Trac, G. Sutcliffe, Y. Puzis (2007), "Combining Mizar and TPTP Semantic Presentation Tools," Libbrecht P., Proceedings of the Mathematical User-Interfaces Workshop 2007 (Linz, Austria). (PDF)

S. Trac, Y. Puzis, G. Sutcliffe, (2006), An Interactive Derivation Viewer, Autexier S., Benzmüller C., Proceedings of the 7th Workshop on Workshop on User Interfaces for Theorem Provers, 3rd International Joint Conference on Automated Reasoning (Seattle, USA), Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science, 174(2), 109-124. (PDF)

Side Projects, For Fun:

Fellow Graduate Students:

Any comments and suggestions, please email me at: strac 'at' cs.miami.edu