Luis Gonzalo Sánchez Giraldo

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Posdoctoral Associate
Department of Computer Science
University of Miami,
Ungar Bldg, Room 310E
Email: lgsanchez at cs dot miami dot edu

Basic Info:

I currently work on computational models and learning algorithms to understand contextual processing in the brain. Focused on the problem of vision, I investigate representations that take into account spatial and temporal contexts and also the influences of attention and the particular task; all within the processing levels of the cortical hierarchy. I am also interested in how information can be represented to integrate multiple data modalities and how this gives rise to intelligent behaviour. My broad research interests are machine learning and information theory and their applications to signal processing, computer vision and computational neuroscience. Previously, I worked as a postdoctoral associate with Professor Odelia Schwartz in the Computer Science Department at the University of Miami. I worked as a research scientist at AventuSoft where I developed machine learning algorithms for acoustic analysis using deep learning and sparse methods. I obtained my PhD from the University of Florida working at the Computational Neuro-Engineering Laboratory (CNEL) with professor José C. Príncipe.

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Last update: April 30, 2019