Luis Gonzalo Sánchez Giraldo

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Posdoctoral Associate
Department of Computer Science
University of Miami,
Ungar Bldg, Room 310E
Email: lgsanchez at cs dot miami dot edu

Basic Info:

I currently work on computational models to understand contextual processing in the brain. Focused on the problem of vision, I investigate representations that take into account spatial and temporal contexts and also the influences of attention and the particular task; all within the processing levels of the cortical hierarchy. My broad research interests are machine learning and information theory and their applications to signal processing and computer vision. I am a member of the Computational Neuroscience Laboratory led by professor Odelia Schwartz at the University of Miami. Previously, I worked as a research scientist at AventuSoft where I developed machine learning algorithms for acoustic analysis using deep learning and sparse methods. I obtained my PhD from the University of Florida working at the Computational Neuro-Engineering Laboratory (CNEL) with professor José C. Príncipe.

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Last update: April 30, 2019