Justin Stoecker

Justin Stoecker


I was a doctoral student at UM's Department of Computer Science; I graduated in August 2014. My research focus is visualization and human-computer interfaces for robotics and medical imaging. Some of my earlier projects were collaborations with research groups in neuroscience and geophysics.

In 2009, I helped found the University of Miami's robotics group RoboCanes, which participates in the international robotics competition RoboCup. I was an active member until 2013, and I worked on visualization, motion generation, vision, and tools for robots in the Standard Platform League (NAO robots) and 3D Simulation League. My open-source software, RoboViz, has been used in 3D Simulation events since 2011.


RoboCanes at 2013 U.S. Open. Left to right: Prof. Visser, Sam, Andreas, Justin, Alex