about me

Alex Teyssandier

B.S. Computer Science, Biology

Computer Science GPA: 3.78


I am a fearless, unstoppable, and innovative programmer with a love of all things computer. Upon graduating from the University of Miami, I received a degree in both Computer Science and Biology. With the skills I learned in school, I inject a dedication and passion into everything I do. Solving problems and working on complex programming puzzles is something I relish in. I am relentless when I have a goal in mind. My dedication to my work and self motivation are what drives me. I also learn quickly, adapt easily, and have an insatiable thirst for knowledge.

Though my true forte lies in computers my original intention was to become a vet because of my fondness for biology. It enabled me to work with owl monkeys, dogs, cats and other animals. Although it was an incredible experience, something was missing. I decided to shift gears and explore computer science as a degree and since then, it's been history...

In retrospect, I was born to do this. My experience in programming is lifelong. My dad is an electrical engineer, and I grew up playing Gorillas and Ski Free on the computer we built. From there, my experience grew:

  • At nine, I used a resource editor to design dog breeds in a virtual pets game.
  • At eleven, I built my first website in a plain text editor and continued to improve after learning Photoshop and CSS.
  • In college I learned Java, C and C++, and JavaScript. Additionally, I learned scripting languages PERL and PHP, and as all computer science students do at some point in their education, discovered the wonders of the Linux terminal and shell scripting.

While in college, I excelled in my school work and loved both the practical programming aspect of the major, as well as the challenge offered by the theoretical side of computer science (A.I, algorithms, and complexity). My favorite programming tool is a plain text editor. Some of my current programming hobbies include low level bit manipulation puzzles, web programming, and more recently, large application development for mobile platforms.

I easily and eagerly pick up new programming languages and technologies. Currently I am teaching myself JQuery and MySQL. One of my favorite projects was the AleXSI web interface for the SPASS-XDB automated theorem prover. For this project I taught myself JavaScript and PERL in under a month.

Below are some of my various other programming projects.

  • Low level abstraction computer scientists might be interested in a TFTP Server, a FAT15 Filesystem and a POP client in C.
  • I've also done some groovy linux kernel hacking/manipulation.
  • Some of my higher level work includes a program that used a k-means algorithm to cluster a picture's colors..
  • A casual visitor might be interested in a game I'm currently writing entitled Elbert-tar.
  • Another, more mainstream project I was involved in was an Android app called VLC Remote. It lets you control your movies on your computer from your Android phone, so you pause, play, and skip all without leaving the couch.

In addition to programming, I also love cooking french cuisine. I'm a huge fan of the Harry Potter series. In my spare time, I participate in a Harry Potter athletic league where I can dress up like the characters. I also enjoy making digital artwork in Photoshop and read and write in my spare time. I dream of one day having an enormous library filled with books I've read: from classic novels and historical biographies to contemporary fiction and textbooks on the sciences.

Please feel free to browse the rest of my webpage or contact me by phone at 954-682-5739, or email at alexandra.teyssandier@gmail.com.